Language immersion consists on learning a non-native language using it as the only way of communication, in other words, as the lingua franca. The main goal of linguistic immersion is to promote bilingualism, which not only improves the ability of communication but also the cognitive performance.

Therefore, in BRICK | learning space we work with projects; we look for topics of interest for each group and we develop them from different perspectives.


The natural approach is a method that promotes language acquisition from a natural focus. Communication and a nice environment without stress are priorities, instead of focussing the sessions on conscious grammar study and correcting mistakes. The objective is to make our students feel comfortable and that they develop a natural and spontaneous language; this output is achieved after being exposed to enough comprehensive information.


Scaffolding promotes a deeper learning. The name of this concept comes from a metaphor: a scaffolding is a temporal support, which is gradually removed as autonomous learning strategies are achieved.